Life & Group Insurance

RRSP and non registered investments - a multitude of mutual fund and segregated funds to choose from:
  • Term Insurance - provides low cost coverage for a specified time frame such as
    • children’s education, mortgage or car finance.
  • Permanent Insurance - provides level costs and coverage for life. Used when there is a need to take care of loved ones financially, regardless of stock or housing markets.
  • Generational Wealth Transfer - using insurance as a tax efficient transfer vehicle.
  • Succession Planning - a method of transferring ownership over a period of time where both owner and buyer are protected.
  • Corporate Buy Sell - protecting loved ones interest in a corporation, without the remaining business partners taking on inexperienced heirs as partners.
  • Disability Insurance - protecting income in the event of a disability.
  • Critical Illness Insurance - lump sum tax free payment in the event of a diagnosis a covered condition.
  • Long Term Care - provides an income if home care or facility care is requireddue to deteriorating health conditions.
  • Health and Dental - available for groups or individuals.