Holiday Trailers

There are 4 types of holiday trailers that can be written under this program:

  1. Tent Trailer
  2. 5thWheel
  3. Truck Camper
  4. Travel Trailer

 Guaranteed Replacement Cost

  • All Risk Coverage
  • Must be original owner Bill of sale is required
  • New trailers for the first 5 years from model year
  • Must insure to the full value (including taxes)
  • Personal Property automatically covered for 15% of trailer value
  • Outbuilding (Shed) Coverage of $1,000
  • Vacation Expense $2,000 (as a result of a claim –rent hotel, car etc)
  • Golf Cart Property Coverage of $5,000

Optional Coverages

  • Full Timers Package:
    • Enhanced coverage for those who travel full time with the trailer (cannot be permanently parked)
    • Available on GRC package & RC package only
    • Allows $15,000 of contents for an extra premium -$200(No other option for increased property)
    • Emergency Roadside Assistance: 4 claims per year
    • Provide assistance as a result of mechanical breakdown
      • Example: battery boost, flat tire service -$65