Boat equipped with sail(s)and able to be live aboard with sleeping facilities, kitchen & head.
Equipped with outboard or inboard engine.

Cuddy Cabin
Equipped with sleeping facilities & a head (generally 18 –23 feet in length)
Equipped with in/outboard or inboard engine & can attain speeds up to 50 mph.

Generally 16-30 feet with an open front.
Has a fiberglass shell engine is single in/outboard motor.
Speeds of 50 mph.

Full live-aboard amenities (shower, sink, toilet), sleeping and cooking facilities.
Generally over 22 feet in length, has a fiberglass shell & speeds of 50 mph.

Cruiser-like vessel that uses sails for stability.
Very slow moving, equipped with kitchen, washroom and sleeping facilities.

Pontoon Boats
Characterized by a large open deck enclosed by rails, often a canopy roof overhead.
Has steel or aluminium shell & speeds up to 35 mph, equipped with outboard or in/outboard motor.

Deck Boats
Has an aluminium or fiberglass hull.
Equipped with outboard or in/outboard motor, length is 18 to 30 feet & speeds up to 45mph.

Fishing Boats
Leisure boat or fishing boat, Aluminium a/o fiberglass hull.
Length is 16 to 22 ft & speeds of 50 mph, equipped with outboard or in/outboard motor.

Bass Boats
Characterized by aluminium hull with metal flake paint.
Fishing boat equipped with outboard motor, length is 18 to 22 ft, speeds of 65mph.

Jet Boats
Rotax –works with one or two turbine & speeds of 50 mph.
M2 –works with one turbine mercury M2 & speeds of 50 mph.
Fourtec –works with two turbine rotax engines & speeds of 50 mph.

Two & Three Person Seadoo works with turbine rotax has a fiberglass shell, speeds of 50-75 mph.
Four Person Seadoo –same as above but speeds of 50 mph.

Sport Boats
Length is 16 to 40 feet, engine can be in/outboard or outboard.
Hull is fiberglass & boat is designed for speed, can attain speeds up to 70mph.

Ski Boats
Length is 18 to 22 feet.
Equipped with inboard motor.
Hull is fiberglass, can attain speeds up to 60mph.