Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations through our principles of Respect, Integrity and Relationship

We pledge to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by following our principles of Integrity, Respect and Relationship. We will listen objectively and put our clients best interest above all else. We vow to advocate and be our clients trusted Insurance advisor!

Your Broker Services Team

Everyone here at BST Insurance is dedicated to our Mission and our Core Values. It's all about you! We put our customers and their insurance needs first. You will discover we are insurance problem solvers in addition to your strongest advocate.

Jason Marchand

Account Executive

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Eric Currie

Account Executive


Elizabeth Volpe

Account Manager

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Robbie Lynn Dunn CAIB

Senior Account Manager

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Jamie Guy

Senior Account Manager

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Klaas Engels

Account Executive

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Raymond Wong CAIB

Account Executive

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Dina Alarakhia CFP, CLU, CHFC

Account Executive


Andrea Dolecek CAIB

Unit Director, Client Services

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Gregory Nichols


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Ian Baxter CIP


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The BST Broker Advantage

It`s rather simple! Choice - Advice - Price 

Only an Insurance broker can offer you choice of insurance products through a selection of the top Insurers in Canada. 


Why shop direct when they can only offer you one product at one price? Insurance brokers on the other hand, have the advantage of seeking out multiple insurance solutions by partnering with the leading insurance companies in North America, giving you the choice of who you want to do business with. Obtaining a quote from us is immediate and the best part is we provide a comparison summary outlining all of your options.


We work for you and you alone!

As fully independent brokers, you can trust our impartial professional advice. It's what sets us apart! We ensure you don’t get drawn into offers of lower prices only to discover you have had limited coverage all along. We explain the differences to you and compare price vs coverage. We will make only those recommendations that are in your best interest. We value our relationship and put your wants and needs above all else.


The simplest way to find the best price is to compare rates and coverage from as many Insurers as possible. This is what we do for you. When you connect with one of our brokers, we'll gather your individual risk profile and shop your insurance solutions with the top carriers. What we won't do is offer you a cut-rate price at the expense of proper protection for you, your family or your business.

Core Values

Our Core Values and Beliefs will always align with our Mission and commitment to our valued customers. We will always put you first! What does this mean? When a decision or a recommendation is to be made, we consider your unique and individual requirements relative to your risks. We won't simply tell you what you want to hear, and we certainly won't make a recommendation that could jeopardize your coverage or have your claim denied. We believe in our Core Principle of Integrity at BST and we will promote educating you through Choice Insurance Solutions. 




Our Broker Services Team is empowered to provide you with the right advice and seek out alternative solutions. We do what is right and without pressure. We promote choice when arranging insurance with us. If for some reason we find your current insurance is well suited for you, we will tell you openly and honestly! If there is opportunity however, we would be privileged to be appointed as your broker. 


We are passionate about insurance solutions and our customer experience. We will evaluate your specific insurance needs and after careful review, we will provide you with a customized program which ensures your protection and peace of mind. Our Team members will hold ourselves and one another accountable. More importantly, we believe in insurance with Integrity.


We are committed to continuous creative thinking and identifying necessary “change” in order to improve the BST Client Experience. We welcome client perspective and collective solutions. Our value proposition encompasses client preference which will deliver a unique style and will be ever diverse. The ease of doing business with constant evolution is our premise.