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February 13, 2019 by Ian Baxter


Car insurance in Ontario may be required but that doesn't make picking a policy straightforward. The amount of car insurance you need is dependent upon a number of different factors. Whether you drive a few times a month or a few times a day, you need to weigh a variety of factors before finding the right coverage for you. Consider how a broker can help you navigate a complicated industry.

Low Cost Car Insurance In Ontario

Finding a good price for car insurance starts with understanding your individual risk factors when you're out on the road. Do you often drive in high-crime neighbourhoods or areas with a higher percentage of uninsured drivers? Will you be driving on smooth or choppy roads? What are the demographics of other drivers on the road (e.g. mostly teenagers, senior citizens, etc.)? Answering these questions can help you determine the level of car insurance you need.

Car Insurance Near Me

From physical injury to property damage, a single car accident can total thousands of dollars in damage for the at-fault driver. If the at-fault driver is uninsured or has the bare minimum of coverage, they may only be able to pay for the fraction of the costs. If you don't have the additional coverage to make up the difference, you may end up having to shoulder the expenses. In other words, it may not be worth the risk to purchase the cheapest possible premium if you open yourself up to too many risks.

Car Insurance Comparison in Ontario

Car insurance companies in Ontario can be a labyrinth for the average driver. Not only are they all promising the best rates, but companies typically may not give you very much information about the actual coverage you receive. A broker does more than just compare different car insurance companies in Ontario, they negotiate the terms and costs of the premium so you get the best possible deal. They're a neutral party you can turn to, so you can get the information you need without the marketing pitch.

Car Insurance Brokers in Ontario

Having a good broker can be the key to getting the best possible rates in Ontario. A broker is a professional that can help you find the best possible coverage and premium for you. They not only understand the many coverage options on the market, but they also know which insurance companies have the best rates for different types of drivers. They can advise you of your individual risk factors before narrowing down the products that will be most helpful to you.

Auto Insurance Laws in Ontario

The laws for car insurance vary by province, and those variations can be confusing if you're not an expert in the legislation. The right broker understands the specific regulations of Ontario and can use them to your advantage. They can explain to you how commercial driving laws work, so you understand the rules if you ever drive your car for business purposes. So instead of discovering that you don't have coverage for an event on the day of the accident, you have every opportunity to plan ahead.

Car Insurance Calculator

When you're searching for 'car insurance near me', you'll find plenty of calculators to help you estimate your potential premium. But these online estimates aren't necessarily the best factor to consider when picking a premium. It can lure you into picking one based solely on price. If you want a car insurance estimate Ontario that factors in more than just the cost, a broker will break down the benefits of each option. Too many people assume they have coverage against different events, only to find that their policy is more limited than they think.

Car Insurance Ontario Canada

A broker is a car insurance professional, but they don't work for car insurance companies in Ontario. This means they're able to give you the facts you need without clouding your judgment with their own bias. As you narrow down the choices, the broker will explain the realities of different scenarios. So if you let your best friend borrow your vehicle, you'll know the exact coverage you have before you hand over the keys.

Car Insurance Claims Ontario

Claims for car insurance can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you're dealing with any kind of injury after the accident. A car insurance broker is your partner for as long as you need them. If you need to file a claim, they'll walk you through each step of the process. If the claim is sitting in limbo or the insurance company denies it, your broker can serve as your advocate. They can speed the process along or fight for what yours. (This is especially helpful if there's a natural disaster in your area, and your claim is just one of the hundreds waiting to be processed.)

Affordable Car Insurance Ontario

There are a few ways that drivers in Ontario may be able to lower their car insurance rates, and a broker can give you the guidance you need to make it happen. It may be as easy as adding safety features on your car, such as winter tires or anti-theft devices, or completing a certified driving program. Car insurance companies in Ontario want to see drivers going the extra mile to protect themselves on the road. When you know how to lower your rates, it puts you back in control of how much you spend on the coverage you want.

Car Insurance Discounts in Ontario

From being a good student to bundling insurance options, a broker explores every avenue to find discounts. An accurate car insurance estimate in Ontario needs to factor in all angles of your driving habits — and car insurance companies don't always advertise these discounts in advance. If drivers don't know to ask for them, they may not realize they can save big. A broker finds out your story, so they can use your driving habits to save you money.

Getting in touch with BST Insurance

Part of finding a good broker means finding someone you can trust. If you don't feel comfortable going to your broker, then they won't be much help to you if you're confused about a claim or unsure about your coverage levels. As your research, you need to ask a potential broker how much experience they have in Ontario, and what their exact process is for helping customers. You may even want to seek referrals or reviews from past clients to better understand the type of service you'll receive.