Happy with your insurance but not your Broker? - BST Insurance

September 18, 2017 by Tammy Hull

It may not happen very often as most brokers do a fantastic job of looking after their clients but if you aren't getting great service from your broker you have alternatives while keeping your current policy just the way it is and we can help. Brokers would be wise to think about how they can innovate to meet the changing needs of their customers. We are seeing a turmoil of increased expectation and accessible technology which means the insurance industry is now facing a more demanding customer than ever before. The choice is clear: we must move toward a more consumer-centric business model or risk being left behind as clients seek out alternatives. If we do not adapt to the new shape of the consumer here and elsewhere, non-traditional brokers with more consumer-friendly business models will seize the opportunity to take market-share. You may not know this but you do not have to cancel and rewrite your insurance to change brokers! Most insurers allow you to appoint a new broker without cancelling your insurance policy. Contact us to find out more and BE PART OF THE BST BROKER ADVANTAGE!