Natural Gas Leaks! - BST Insurance

October 30, 2017 by Tammy Hull

Homeownership is a great responsibility and recognizing the dangers in relation to Natural Gas is paramount to safety, life and your precious belongings. Our team at BST would like to share some safety tips on how to recognize a natural gas leak and what to do if you indeed suspect a leak. In its pure state, natural gas is odourless. For your safety, an odourant called mercaptan is added to give it a distinctive smell. 

Smell Gas? Act Fast!

Signs of a Natural Gas Leak:

Smell - A distinctive rotten egg or sulphur like odour
Sound - Hissing, roaring or whistling
Sight - Damaged connections to natural gas appliances or vegetation that is dead or dying for no reason

Should you smell gas or suspect a leak:

1. Act quickly and remain calm
2. Go outside and leave the area immediately
3. Call Enbridge 24hour Emergency Number 1-866-763-5427

Follow these safety precautions in the event of a leak:

Don't use phone or any electronics
Don't turn appliances or light on or off
Don't smoke or use lighters or matches
Don't start any vehicles or motors
if leaking natural gas is burning, call 911 and do not attempt to put the fire out yourself
Never assume someone else has called to report a possible gas leak