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When considering insurance, there are many plans out there to select from for your needs. In addition to auto and home insurance, you can consider tenant insurance, business insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and many others. With all the possible quotes and policies available, you want to ensure you are getting the right amount of coverage for the right price. Checking out online insurance sites can make things easier when comparing policies and to learn more about companies. Yet having personalized service from an insurance broker allows them to fully listen and understand your insurance needs. Then they can show you the appropriate policies to cut down on the time and work it can take to get coverage.


Advantages to Using an Insurance Broker Pickering

Many people assume that an insurance agent will provide them with the right policy. Yet the one thing to be aware about is that an agent usually works with one select insurance company to offer their products and services. While you may find a policy that fits your lifestyle, you could miss out on an even better deal. A Pickering insurance broker will offer services and products from a larger pool of insurance carriers. So you have a wider selection to choose from and won't be limited to only a few insurance products. Then the broker can break down the terms and conditions as you will fully understand what possessions will be covered.


Auto Insurance Broker

Every person has different budgets when it comes to obtaining insurance for their vehicle. All drivers in Ontario are required to have minimum third-party liability insurance coverage of $200,000. Yet it is always advisable to get more to cover injuries and car damage. A car insurance broker can help you add more to your policy to cover car repairs, car replacement, passenger injuries and even a rental car so you can get around town without breaking your budget.


Home Insurance Broker

You should always protect the largest investment in your life: a home. A home insurance policy will help protect your house from the regular catastrophes such as fire, flood, vandalism and theft. In addition, the broker can also discuss other additional coverage such as comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive home insurance policies will cover additional items such as expensive jewelry, electronics, art, collectibles and other possessions. You can also be covered if a neighbor or guest becomes injured on your property, or if you need to stay in a hotel while getting your home renovated or repaired. With an insurance broker in Pickering, you'll be able to get the best insurance deal for your home.


Tenant Insurance

Often, a tenant will assume that a home insurance policy will also protect their possessions when they are making monthly rental payments for a home, apartment or commercial space. However, home insurance only covers the landlord's building. It won't cover the tenant's possessions. Tenant insurance policies can cover your possessions from fire, theft and flood. These policies will also provide coverage if you or someone else becomes injured on the rental property. Since Pickering tenant insurance can vary based on whether you are renting a home, apartment or commercial unit, an insurance broker can provide their experience and knowledge so you get the ideal policy.


Contractors Insurance

Coverage Providing business services to a customer on their property can lead to unexpected damages and injuries. A worker may fall off of a ladder while repairing a roof, or a cement truck may back into the homeowner's garden shed as you are placing in a patio. As a contractor, you need to protect your workers, the customer's property and your business. An insurance broker can offer you options in contractor insurance based on the business industry you are involved in. You may only need general liability insurance to cover injuries and damages. Other contractors may want to add on commercial property insurance or a pollution policy. With an insurance broker, they can help you narrow down your choices so you can pick the right coverage.


Small Business Insurance

Just having a basic small business insurance policy to cover general liability may not be enough in today's business climate. With the advancements of technology, protecting customers' personal data from security breaches is vital. Getting the right small business insurance policy from an insurance broker Pickering can protect your business and assets. A small business policy can be tailored to protect your company based on the business industry, age of the company, number of present employees, and your business activities. The insurance broker will learn more about your company. Then they will provide you with a range of products and services from several carriers so you can view all of your options.


Commercial Auto Insurance

You may have a business that requires drivers to go to the customer to provide services, make shipment deliveries, or allow employees to travel on business. A commercial auto insurance broker can help you find the right policy to protect your commercial cars, trucks, and vans. You can obtain liability coverage for injuries as well as coverage from weather damage, theft, accidents and vandalism.


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Can non-profit organizations get commercial insurance if they want to?

Yes. ​​If you run a small nonprofit, you may be able to bundle general liability insurance with commercial property insurance in a business owner's policy. It's sometimes also called a "commercial general liability". Your nonprofit will be covered for damages that it's ordered to pay to someone (such as a visitor, customer, supplier, or associate) who is injured on the organization's property.

Is business insurance and commercial insurance the same?

​​When business owners are looking for the best insurance policy for their business, they often confuse commercial insurance and 'business insurance. Even though they sound different, they are the same, and the terms can be used interchangeably.

How is commercial property insurance calculated?

Commercial property insurance rates are usually calculated by multiplying the total value of the building and its contents by the level of risk. In most cases, properties with high risks have higher property insurance rates, while properties with lower risks have lower rates.